Thrifty MacGyver Watch Face Fix

I had a cute, albeit inexpensive, Charming Charlie watch… But I managed to break off the winding mechanism, so I replaced it with a second, albeit inexpensive Charming Charlie watch. And I somehow managed to crack and shatter its face during my church’s VBS in June (too much dancing?).

So I’ve been wearing the old one this summer… But it is not set with daylight savings, so I have to mentally add an hour to whatever time it reads, and once the battery runs out, I will not have a way to reset the time, so it will be caput. Not ideal. 🙂

thrifty macgyver watch fix 01

But now that the kids are back to school, actually having the accurate time on my wrist becomes more important, so I had a sudden MacGyver epiphany on how to extend the life of my cracked face watch…

thrifty macgyver watch fix 02

I removed the last shards of glass from the watch face and then gathered a piece of thick plastic (packaging from some foam squares), fine sharpie, scissors, and super glue.

thrifty macgyver watch fix 03

I placed the piece of plastic over the watch face and carefully traced just outside the circle where the watch face fits.

thrifty macgyver watch fix 04

Then I cut out the new face cover just inside the circle (so no black pen marks show on my watch).

thrifty macgyver watch fix 05

I did a dry fit with my new cover and trimmed as needed. Finally, I ran a fine bead of glue inside the face cover rim and slipped in the “new” plastic circle cover.

thrifty macgyver watch fix 06

And shazam! New watch! […Or new enough for me, haha!] I know we live in a bit of a throw-away culture, but it brings me joy to be able to find simple and viable solutions to some of life’s little expenses! Anyone else have a thrifty fix you want to share? Do tell!

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