The Easy DIY BackPack Tassel

Sis started another year of preschool on Monday.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 01

Oh my goodness, that girl is cute.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 02

But her backpack is lacking a little …something. She is all excited about having a “real” backpack (it’s so little and cute, barely big enough to tuck in her lunchbox). Originally I was going to have it monogrammed… because I live in the south and that’s what we do, but when that didn’t happen, I blanket stitched on a cute little hot pink microcord “C.” …But I wasn’t loving it, so I immediately took it back off.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 04

Then I decided to add a quick tassel. A tassel is SO simple to make, and it will take you all of two minutes, if that.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 03

I made this one with strands of embroidery floss, narrow ric-rac, and fabric strips for a fun, shabby, boho look.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 05

To make yours, gather your embroidery floss, ric-rac, fabric strips, etc, and cut them to twice the length that you want your finished tassel (vertical, above). Cut an extra couple of strands of embroidery floss to about 12″ (horizontal). At their midsection, lay the vertical pieces across the horizontal ones.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 06

Pick up the ends of the horizontal piece, allowing the top half of the vertical pieces to fold over to the back half.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 07

Knot off the horizontal ends. Optionally, tie a square knot in the loose ends to form a loop.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 08

Just under the knotted horizontal pieces, wrap and tie a piece of embroidery thread around the “neck” of the tassel.

easy DIY tassel tutorial 09

And shazam, one cute little shabby tassel. I tied mine to an old toggle hook.

[TIP: This actually came off an old Vera Bradley wallet I had absolutely worn out, so check those destined-for-garbage pieces before you chuck them–they might have some lovely hardware on them!]

easy DIY tassel tutorial 10

Cute! And much better!

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easy DIY tassel tutorial

easy DIY shabby tassel tutorial



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