Cleo’s Turn! {another teacher name board}

When her team teacher saw the easy-peasy name board I made for a friend a couple of months ago…

08 just the simplest way to make a teacher name board after

…she wanted one too!

Clifford cleo dinkins teacher name board sign 01

So, just as with the Clifford one, I printed out a little Cleo, which I found using a Google search (since Cleo is smaller than Clifford, her whole body made it onto the board). I tacked her down using a bit of spray glue then brushed on a coat Mod Podge over the entire board and let it dry overnight. Next I recolored and outlined the image using acrylic paint markers.

Clifford cleo dinkins teacher name board sign 02

I wrote the teacher’s name in light pink and “welcome to” and “class” in brighter pink… Notice the appostrophe: it is the brighter pink since it’s not part of Ms. Dinkins, and it goes AFTER the “s.” [Now is a perfect time to direct you to my guide on addressing your Christmas cards with all those pesky plural last names/misplaced apostrophes…]

Clifford cleo dinkins teacher name board sign 04

I cut down a piece of scrapbook paper and glued it to the back, then outlined the seam in cute polka dot washi tape.

Clifford cleo dinkins teacher name board sign 05

And shazam! Another happy (I hope!) teacher!

Yay, I love making a meaningful gift for a sweet friend!

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