The Birthday Princess Needed A Crown

Well, you know the birthday crown tradition around here! And while the boys have always gotten a [very manly] cardstock crown, Sis has rated something a little more girly.

felt crown 16 pose

So I’ve made hers out of felt (here’s #2, above).

Sis 4 birthday crown 01

SO, to make this year’s 4th birthday crown, I grabbed 2 sheets of 9 x 12″ felt, one bright pink and one pale pink. I cut one strip (12″ long, about 3″ tall), and the second strip is also 3″ tall, but peaks in three spots. Cut one of the pieces of felt first, folded in half as you cute so that your two sides match up, a mirror image, then unfold and use the top sheet as a template to cut the bottom.

Sis 4 birthday crown 02

Cut in half the simple strip (so the seam of the crown will fall right in the back center of the finished crown), then zig-zag stitch the two strips to the ends of the peaked piece to extend the crown long enough to wrap around your child’s head. [You will have extra felt length, probably, but you can trim easily after crown loop closed.] Sew around the perimeter of the crown to join the front and liner pieces.

Sis 4 birthday crown 03

Next, cut out your child’s number and zig-zag stitch it to the front of the crown.

Sis 4 birthday crown 07

Todiscover the proper circumference of her head, I did my very concise measuring: I wrapped the crown around her noggin and then held it to walk to the sewing machine and sew the two ends closed at the right point. [This is a way simpler method than measuring with measuring tape then transferring the measurement or fiddling with elastic and all that!]

Sis 4 birthday crown 05

She approves.

Sis 4 birthday crown 06

It was so easy and fast to make, and so comfy for her to wear.

Sis 4 birthday crown 08and now: onto more important things… LET’S EAT CAKE!

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how to make a DIY felt birthday crown


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