You Drank My Coffee, Prepare To Die {a princess bride craft}

[Hmm… new facebook notification from Shelly…] 101 princess bride inigo montoya mug original pin Oh.My.Gracious. 102a princess bride inigo montoya mug emoji smiley faceheart eyes I’m so glad she posted this to my wall. {If you love coffee and The Princess Bride as much as I, you swooned a little bit too, yes?} 103 princess bride inigo montoya mug Clearly, a girlfriends’ craft gathering needed immediately to be organized. Susan brought the cranberry sierra mist and mad crafting skills… 102b princess bride inigo montoya mug …A couple of us grabbed some mugs ($1 each at Dollar Tree, but they have a gold rim; $3 at Wamart, where we got ours; and available in a few different styles for $4 at Target)… 104a princess bride inigo montoya mug …and I brought the sharpies (and acetone and cotton balls to erase, just in case!). I printed out a few copies of our inspiration, and we set to work! 104b princess bride inigo montoya mug The toughest part (for me, anyway) was keeping a straight line while writing on a curved surface. 105 princess bride inigo montoya mug Tensions ran high. Okay, not really, we laughed our fannies off… Maybe it was the sheer joy of creating with girlfriends… 106 princess bride inigo montoya mug …Or maybe it’s that duckface Shelly makes when she’s really focused. 107 princess bride inigo montoya mug We learned that marking the three horizontal colored line before starting the script helped keep things straight. 108 princess bride inigo montoya mug Then after the lettering was complete, it was easier to add the vertical borders. 109 princess bride inigo montoya mug I liked my “nametag” borders a little wider and curved at the corners (blue and green). [Marisa’s little cutie in the background there could not fully appreciate the twist on this quote, I fear. Alas.] 110 princess bride inigo montoya mug But I definitely think the handwritten style of the black wording on the red mug is the way to go. 111 princess bride inigo montoya mug denise starbucks cup [Our friend Denise was off on a trip to NYC, poor thing, but she joined us in spirit.] 112 princess bride inigo montoya mug We baked the mugs at a low temperature for a couple of hours to cure them, then I washed mine in the dishwasher (if this thing ever wants to be used by me, it cannot be handwash), but when I pulled it out of the dishwasher, all the ink had been washed off. GAH! So I redrew it again (with a red border), but when I heated it this time, I put it in a cold oven, heated it to 450*, and let the mug cure for a good hour. The thought is, i believe, that the glaze on the mug will melt a bit and meld to the ink.] The problem is, the red ink faded to muted gold. 113 princess bride inigo montoya mug Sooo, I traced the “Hello my name is” and border again, this time in blue… But it cured to an olive green. 114 princess bride inigo montoya mug ceramic markersSo I’m thinking of grabbing a red ceramic marker and giving the mug one more go! [For now, I shall relish it in all its pithy, albeit olive, glory!] [[***UPDATE: A couple of friends have told me that Sharpie oil-based paint pens are the way to go. And my friend Mandi suggested that you should also wipe down the mug with rubbing alcohol before starting. AND she said when she did a mug, she got hers at World Market for $2!! […But I only found $3 white mugs at World Market yesterday when I checked.] Either way, I guess I should have consulted my brilliant friends before doing this craft! *palm-face* πŸ™‚Β 

116 princess bride inigo montoya mug oil based sharpieSo I used acetone to rub off the [stubborn] olive sharpie (the black wasn’t budging, but that was fine with me), and redid this mug UH-GAIN, this time with blue and black oil based sharpie paint pens I already owned.Β  …But when I heated, it turned color too, just like the regular sharpie, WAH!!! So I retraced it ONE LAST TIME in the blue oil based sharpie, but did not heat to cure. One last test was the dishwasher, regular cycle, heat dry… Worked like a charm! This mug has already been washed thrice in the dishwasher and is looking perfect, huzzah!]]

115 princess bride inigo montoya mugHow cute would these be at a gift exchange, for a teacher, or in a stocking? Fun, right?! …Um, if a person knows and loves this movie, that is… Otherwise, it might just be… weird. πŸ™‚

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8 responses to “You Drank My Coffee, Prepare To Die {a princess bride craft}

  1. Cute Gina, I’ve read that you should use Sharpie oil base paint pens. Haven’t tried it yet, but maybe that might help??????? So sweet you included me in your post! We sure had a fun time visiting our girlie up north for Thanksgiving, but I missed all that laughing our fannies off…could’ve used that after NYC cheesecake, πŸ˜ƒ


  2. Hi! You said the last attempt you didn’t bake it? Did you just let it air dry to cure? And how long did you let it set like that? I’m doing this for a white elephant gift exchange, and found the movie for $5 at target! Whole thing was well under $10! INCONCEIVABLE! πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great blog!


  3. I think it’s really great that you are teaching people how to do this, and I’ll give you some tips on how to keep the paint true if you like, but please know that this is a trademarked design. I don’t mind if y’all make them for yourselves or as gifts, but anyone painting and selling this particular design would be violating my trademark. I don’t want to be a B about it, just to let you know.

    Mommy Needs Wine, Not Whine


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