How To Make A Custom iPhone Case {for ~$3!!}

Okay, so as many of you know, I replaced my iPhone screen and back recently. And while it was an easy fix, I sure don’t want to have to repeat it any time soon! So my girly but not-very-protective case was due for an replacement.

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 01 from eBay

I found a very inexpensive “rugged” case on eBay ($2.99 shipped!). But it was a bit plain. [The one I ordered is like the above, but I have white instead of black rubbery surround; the black section on the back is the same though.]

12 teacher gift washi tapeI grabbed some washi tape and simply put strips of it across the black semi-rubbery section of the back of my case.

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 02Then I scored around the edge of the section with the scissors tip and tore off the excess tape.

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 09

The black part of the case is raised a little, so it offered the perfect clean edge against which to score.

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 04I burnished the tape with my fingertips to make sure it was well-adhered and was left with a fun little pattern striped back

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 05…And a couple of strips down the plastic sides add a little more fun.

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 03So now my phone can have the nice protection that those rubbery corners provide (not that I ever drop my phone, ahem), AND a fun case to boot. Function and beauty, huzzah!

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 06 air bubblesIn other news, I thought I had a spare screen protector to add to my new screen, but long story short, I didn’t. so not wanting to buy or wait for another, I decided to try to reuse my cracked phone one… I washed it off (yes, with soap and water–I didn’t want ANY itty bitty shards of broken screen glass left stuck to it!), then patted it dried with a towel…[It will not lose its sticky!] BUT once I but the protective cover sheet on my new phone, it had air bubbles galore! [Okay, maybe not as copious as pictured above, but still! Grrr.] So… After trying to push those little air bubbles out, reapply the cover, and otherwise wrestle with it. I wondered if maybe it just was not meant to be… But before giving up, I googled the dilemma (something like “remove air bubbles phone screen protector”) and found this…

They weren’t air bubbles at all! Just specs of dust! So a quick once over with a couple of strips of scotch tape, and the screen went on like a dream, huzzah!

custom cheap fast protective iPhone case 07So now my phone is all fixed, protected, and decorated, yay! {I’m glad the washi tape solution occurred to me, too, because I was on the brink of spraying the plastic piece with paint! YIKES!

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