Putting Shout Color Catcher To The Test {product rave}

I’m not being reimbursed or compensated for this post in any way. I just happen to love this product enough to gush about it here for just a moment.

Have y’all tried Shout Color Catcher sheets? Having turned some of my boys’ underwear and gym socks pink a time or two, I thought they were worth a try.

I put a sheet to the test: to a small load of whites, I added a brand new, never washed, dark brown, 100% cotton dress and a pair of bright red little bloomers.

I do not play, people.

Everything came out perfect, and I’ve been a devoted color catcher user since (over a year now).

And now my sons have one less reason to end up in therapy when they’re older: They still have a slightly crazy mama, but at least their undies won’t be PINK! 😉

So, any other sanity- & money-saving products out there you love?


2 responses to “Putting Shout Color Catcher To The Test {product rave}

  1. These are great for transitioning your older kids to doing their own laundry, or when your husband needs to help!


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