Your Kids’ BEST School Year Yet {Part 5: Teamwork}

Have you ever had a family member, coworker, friend, or boss who you only seem to hear from when there’s bad news or a need? Do you maybe even cringe a little to get their calls or emails or see them coming down the hall? If you want to help your kids have their best school year yet, don’t be the needy bad news mama.

Be a support to your teacher from day one. Although you might be entrusting your child to the school staff for the day, your responsibility does not end at the bus stop or drop-off line. It simply shifts focus. Are there other ways to support your school? Can you help with class parties? Volunteer in the library? Send in extra supplies when they run low? Offer to run copies once a week or month? Bake a breakfast casserole or cupcakes for the teachers’ lounge every once in a while? Maybe say thank you, we appreciate you, we see your hard work and dedication?

When you are actively involved in supporting your child’s class, teacher, and school, it both reinforces and models a positive experience for your child. If you feel good about school, your child is far more likely to. And when he is happy about being there, he is better able to focus on learning.

But it’s gonna cost ya. Communicate to your teacher that you are there to support her as she teaches your child. Ask if there are ways you can serve, then follow through. This support might cost you time, effort, and/or money. But it’s a worthwhile investment.

And when you are invested in your child’s education and a hiccup or bump in the road does arise, you are not walking into a parent-teacher conference as a stranger, but as a teammate. It’s not parents against the school, but parents and the school versus a problem.

And even if you are blessed with a year of smooth sailing, your servant attitude will [hopefully] help enrich the culture of the school, set a tone for other parent involvement, and strengthen the very environment your child is in.

Well, school starts for us on Monday. We had Meet The Teacher this evening. Supplies have been bought; questions have been answered. We’re ready to roll.

So I’m curious: how do you cultivate a partnership with your children’s school?


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2 responses to “Your Kids’ BEST School Year Yet {Part 5: Teamwork}

  1. Shared your blog tips for a successful school year with some friends on facebook at Fit To Be Us. Hopefully will bring more friends by. I have just loved these tips so much of our first year at school, I had to share them. Thank you!


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