Egg Carton Stamped Art

Okay, so when most people see an empty egg carton, they think, okay, time to toss this in the recycle bin, right?

01 egg carton art

Or maybe, if she’s a crafty mama, she wonders if it can be used for some school project with her kids…

02 egg carton art

But I think Oh, I like the pattern on the bottom of this container! So I test it out on a magazine nearby…

03 egg carton art

Then cover a canvas with a solid pale aqua and…

05 egg carton art

Add some white, light aqua, and dark aqua gradated on the bottom of the egg carton…

06 egg carton art

Stamp it across the canvas…

07 egg carton art

Connect the grid…

08 egg carton art

…using the tip of the foam brush…

09 egg carton art

Blot with a paper towel, and call her done!

10 egg carton art

Of course, I never seem to call a project done… So I added a verse… And then called it done. Again.

So, anyone else use unexpected tools to create art? Do tell!


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