Fabric Woven Metal Basket

I was going to hang a curtain rod and thrifty handmade curtains in the dining room… But then I got distracted with fabric and thinking about doing a little something with the chandelier shades… And then this wide, shallow metal basket caught my eye…

What can I say, I’m easily distracted by crafts.

01 fabric woven wire basket

I got it a year or two ago for just a couple of bucks. I love that it is a bit rustic, but also graphic in size and shape. It’s a good combo. But it was asking for a little… well… you know… tweak.

02 fabric woven wire basket

I tore several thin strips–about 1.5″ wide–to braid through the basket. [Have you ever torn fabric? It’s kind of wonderful: therapeutic and effective. You just snip a starting point and rip the length of the fabric strip. It creates a lovely frayed but perfectly straight edge.]

03 fabric woven wire basket

I tied the first strip on and wove it back and forth between the wires, continuing up and down, up and down, the height of the basket.

04 fabric woven wire basket

Of course I love the loose threads and uneven widths. Perfect imperfection.

05 fabric woven wire basket

Once the first strip had a few inches left, I tied on the next. [Then so on and so forth until I’d worked my way around the basket.]

06 fabric woven wire basket

I just tucked in the loose ends as I continued on.

07 fabric woven wire basket


I know it’s a tad late in the season to be adding a “winter coat” to something, but it certainly adds a bit of lovely texture and muted print to a formerly stale piece. This could be really fun with a bold floral woven through for spring… Or red & green come Christmas, wheeee!

And shazaam! Queen of the tweaks strikes again. [I feel a bit like a yarn bomber.] What colors and patterns would you add? Do tell!


One response to “Fabric Woven Metal Basket

  1. I love it! I would take it just like it is. I love the stripes and frayed edges of the fabric. What a great idea! I’m pinning this…..


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