Impromptu Mad Hatter Party!

This year, we just can’t seem to get a great snow.

01a snow fort

My boys are dreaming of snow forts and snow fights and sledding and lots of hot chocolate. But this winter and last just haven’t produced enough snow to have a good play.

01 snow day

On the other hand, a couple of years ago, we were inundated with snow… and snow days!

…After a few days, though, the stir crazy started to set in…

02a mad hatter

So, drawing inspiration from the Mad Hatter, we had a little impromptu party with some friends from the neighborhood.

02 mad hatter tie

I fashioned a Mad Hatter tie from a scarf. I do love a theme!!

03 mad hatter party 003

And I just used what we had. I stacked all the teacups and saucers down the center of the table and–to add more color–draped all my bright beaded costume jewelry all over it. For a simple craft, we made [what else?!] mad hatter hats, of course! I pulled out a few supplies from my craft arsenal and let the kids create!

004 mad hatter party 015

For a game, we did a snow clothes relay, racing to pile on like ten layers of clothes. It was such silly fun!

005 mad hatter party 017

You don’t have to spend a fortune (or even a cent in this case) to make a really fun, laughter-filled time for kids.

04 mad hatter party 011'

So, if your spring–like ours–has turned into Winter Part Two… and you feel yourself going a little stir crazy… perhaps a little madthrow a mad hatter party! Wheeeeee!

Have you ever thrown a cheap or free impromptu party? How’d you pull it off? What would you do again and what would you change? Do tell!


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throw a mad hatter party

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2 responses to “Impromptu Mad Hatter Party!

  1. We had a great time! Seems so long ago đŸ˜¦ wish we could have done it again this year. Thank you again!


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