From School To Pool: Transitioning The Mudroom In A Closet

Can I just tell you that I LOVE summer. Having my kids home from school–lots of family time–is just my cup o’tea. And with a neighborhood pool and three waterbabies, swim time is an integral part of many summer days.

001 school-to-summer closet switch

So I decided it was time to switch our mudroom-in-a-closet over from school mode to summer mode. [Remember when I made an under-$20 fully functional mudroom in the hall closet? Go see!!]

I usually keep two swim bags ready to go: one with wet toys (floaties, goggles, dive sticks, etc.) and one with dry stuff (sunblock, drinks, towels, etc.). It’s great to have those two bags, swim suits, and towels all in one easy, go-to spot.

002 school-to-summer closet switch

First, I started pulling coats and shoes down to sort through them.

0021 school-to-summer closet switch

[I am still loving the photo-labels on the drawers, and they are holding up great after almost a year of daily drawer-pulling-out!]

003  school-to-summer closet switch

I put all the winter coats in a pile (they can go in a tub in the attic until the weather turns cold again). I also put the backpacks, lunchboxes, and sports gear to the side.

00411 school-to-summer closet switch

[Of course Sissy was there to help… in her jammies… and tu-tu… and big brother’s snow boots…]

004  school-to-summer closet switch

The cleats usually live in the boys’ shoe drawers, but I put them in their sports bags in the garage since we are off-season and sport-free right now.

005 school-to-summer closet switch

I am keeping out a raincoat and light jacket for each of the kids just in case. I hung them on the back support bracket rather than the rod, though, so they are out of the way of more important POOL business! 😉

006 school-to-summer closet switch

And since the shoe drawers do not take up the entire footprint of the closet, there are perfect perimeter spots for backpacks (behind) and lunchboxes (beside). This keeps them handy for hikes and picnics, but out of the way.

007 school-to-summer closet switch

I pulled out winter-weather shoes from each of the kids’ shoe drawers, and left just what they would wear in the summer.

008 school-to-summer closet switch

And up top, snowboots, rainboots, and a tub of gloves and hats got replaced with extra swim towels and a tub of extra pool items.

009 school-to-summer closet switch

I put hangers with clips in there so the kids could hang up damp swim clothes.

010 school-to-summer closet switch

And the dry swim bag will go on top of the shoe drawers once those extra suits are cleared off… [The wet swim bag stays out in the garage.]

So we’re almost there…

011 school-to-summer closet switch

…But before I got quite to completion, more important things came up. Like watching this big girl on her big wheel. [Priorities, people.]

012 school-to-summer closet switch

After all, who could [or would even want to] say no to these two (and their photo-shy big bro)?! Not I!

So you get the idea with the closet! 🙂  I’m all about making life a little simpler by maximizing space and functionality. I bet if you look around your home, you can find opportunities to function more smoothly and simplify life too! Wheeee!


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