Mom’s Evil Genius Way To BEAT Daylight Savings

For years, like many of my fellow mamas still do, I bemoaned Daylight Savings because whether I was falling back or springing forward, it always messed with the delicate balance of at least one little sleeper under our roof.

best year pt 1 bedtime sleeping

But then a couple of years ago, I changed my tune. I unlocked the EVIL GENIUS to winning at daylight savings.

01 okay to wake clock

It’s so simple, I couldn’t believe I had not thought of it before. Are you ready?

best school year part 2 morning clock

Some time tomorrow, when your kids aren’t looking, go ahead and set all the clocks forward one hour.

ok to wake clock funny faces

THEN, announce that they “get to stay up” an extra thirty minutes past their “regular” bedtimes. So if your kids usually go to bed at 7:00, allow them to “stay up” until 7:30 (which is actually 6:30, but shhh!). In reality, they will be going to bed thirty minutes early!! GENIUS, right?

As for the morning, my kids are early risers, so if they “sleep in” until 7:00 or 7:30, I celebrate that: “Boy you must really be growing and have needed that extra rest!” But even if they get up at their usual time, 6:30, they’ll be okay because they caught that extra thirty winks.

The kids’ sleep gets evened out and you feel like you actually GAIN thirty minutes. BOOM. Que the evil genius laughter. And have a great Daylight Savings, y’all! WHEEEEEEE!


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