{totally adorbs} Two-Minute Ric-Rac Shirt

This ric-rac shirt might have taken me all of about 30-seconds to create… But I’ll call it two minutes in case you need to switch your thread color or something like that. Either way, it’s fast, frugal, and fabulous!

ric-rac shirt 01

So, all you need is a bit of ric-rac, matching thread, and a tee or tank! [And a sewing machine.]

ric-rac shirt 02

Then sew the ric-rac right to the shirt, starting and ending at the shoulder seams, right below the collar seam.

ric-rac shirt 03

Then cut off the extra and heat seal the ends (just be sure not to burn the shirt!). [I just waved a lighter over the end for a second or two to do the trick.]

ric-rac shirt 04

Everybody say SHAZAAM!

ric-rac shirt 05

Totally cute with this little skirt!

ric-rac shirt 06

Hmm… And maybe add white leggings and Sis’s “resized” cashmere cardi for the cool days?

ric-rac shirt 07

Oh! Or her adorbs Matilda Jane headband, right?! YES! [Make sure you enter to win a $50 giftcard from MJC! Ends Wednesday…]

Oh my gracious! So much fun, y’all! WHEEEEE!


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