Just Giving The Old Gal A Freshen Up

So today I went on a bit of a house refresh rampage. So if you are looking to give your place a nice refresh (for under $20), I thought you might want a peek at what I tackled.

house freshen up 01

First of all, some of our interior doors have these doorstops…

house freshen up 02

But the shoe closet door in a high traffic hall of our house got a hole dented into its hollow core self when one of the kids tried to push past it one day. Although a new hollow core door is typically under $35, we would need to mess with switching the doors and hinges and all that. So I’m [in the process of] patching the hole. Since it is more of a dent than a hole, I have seen some people suggest using spray can foam insulation to fill in a hole and give something to build on. Since our hole is shallow, I am just building it up with thin layers of patch compound. Then I’ll sand and paint it.

house freshen up 03

So, the walls. Although we do not need an entire paint job, there are a lot of places that were in need of touch up. It seems like corners, especially, are constantly attracting little fingerprints.

house freshen up 04

We keep a little bit of touch up paint on hand, and I went through almost this entire can today. I love using a mini roller tray and roller because I can walk around the house getting all the touch up spots I see, carrying the tray in one hand and the roller in the other. I just walked into every room like a spackling, paint touch up fool. 🙂

house freshen up 05

And speaking of paint, I grabbed one of these today at Lowe’s, and I’ll be putting it to work tomorrow on all the trim touch ups.

house freshen up 06

One other little maintenance thing I like to do is in the master bath. We have solid surface shower walls and a liner pan in the bottom. Seems like about once every year or so I feel the need to scrape out the old grout and redo it. THIS three-hour shower ready silicone is awesome. I mean, seriously, who has 24 hours to burn, NOT showering, while caulk dries?! I love it. And the caulk removal tool makes the job a snap.

house freshen up 07

So what did the kids do during all this, you ask? Well, not touch the walls, thankfully. Ha! They ran around out back a lot. And Sis, L’il, and I executed his plan to paint rocks, too. I sprayed his rocks a base coat of white, light aqua, or turquoise.

house freshen up 08

Then–once dry–he and Sis painted them with watercolors. Those munchkins are so cute.

house freshen up 09

And, in completely unrelated news, I’ve started to eat better. It’s not healthier, per se, as far as calories are concerned, but I’ve basically only eaten foods with few ingredients and ones I can recognize and pronounce for the past week or two. I’ve been feeling pretty energetic and fantastic, yay! Like even more than usual!! [Scary?] 🙂  One of my sweet tooth faves this week has been plain Greek yogurt, raisins, and agave nectar. Any healthy people know if this is completely bad for me?  I hope not ’cause it tastes GOOD! And THIS old gal can do with a bit of freshening up too, so a little boost of good fuel can’t hurt, right? Wheeeee!


3 responses to “Just Giving The Old Gal A Freshen Up

  1. About the agave nectar, a friend sent this e-mail to our homeschool moms a couple days ago. Might want to check into it. If you’ve started using “raw agave nectar” , thinking it’s a heathly alternative to all those artificial products on the market, think again.Turns out , it’s neither “raw” nor. “nectar”, but instead is a product that’s as highly processed , and as potentially dangerous , as HFCS. Agave “nectar” is made from the starch of the large , pineapple -like root of the agave plant. Making it into a sweetner is much the same as converting cornstarch into HFCS, a chemical process that results in a liquid of 70-90% fructose (HFCS is 55%) . Crafty marketing claims tell us that agave is a traditional Mexican “natural” sweetner, but the traditional miel de agave is made from boiling the sweet sap of the agave plant for hours until a maple.syrup-like concoction results. Like other highly refined sugars, commetcial agave nectar is not as sweet as it may seem. Read this in a MaryJane Farm magazine.


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