Super Cute DIY Ric-Rac Stationery {fast & simple}

My amazing sister-in-law celebrated a birthday yesterday. But what to get a girl who has everything? …And whose love language is GIFTS??

Something handmade with love, methinks.

sewn stationery 02

Start with a multicolored pack of stationery from Michael’s. This one’s thick cardstock and has a lovely furniture finish.

sewn stationery 06

Chose several different colors and widths of ric-rac and cut them to the width of the front of the notecards. Heat seal the ends (I ran a lighter over the ends for a second each).

sewn stationery 04

Then sew them onto the cover of each folded note (unfold it before you start sewing!) using a basic straight stitch.

[TIP: No sewing machine? Try tacky glue instead! Similar look without the needle and thread!]

sewn stationery 05

The result is a happy, whimsical, one-of-a-kind cutom-made stationery set. [My SIL’s a big Lilly Pulitzer fan, so I hope these colors hit the mark!]

sewn stationery 03

Tie the notecards and envelopes together parcel style with a fabric ribbon (wrap front to back, criss-cross, wrap back to the front, and knot).

sewn stationery 01


I love a pretty and simple little gift! [And I hope she does too!]

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