How To Beef Up A Frame {without adding a thing}

Hubs wanted Sis to have a big family photo in her room, so I set off this week in search of a frame suitable for the project.

chunky pink frame makeover 01

I found a good candidate at Goodwill for $9… Which, actually, is way more than I’d usually pay… But it had glass, double matting, and was in good shape, so although it wasn’t as beefy and chunky as I like, I grabbed it anyway.

chunky pink frame makeover 02

Like most frames pictures of this ilk, it had a paper backing (already removed here–just tear it off), some sort of picture backing (cardboard on this one), matting, glass, frame, and LOTS of staples.

chunky pink frame makeover 03

So I just took that all apart by using pliers to pull out staples…

chunky pink frame makeover 05

…and then slipping out the cardboard backing (with the original picture spraymounted to it), mats, and glass.

chunky pink frame makeover 06

Then to visually beef up the frame, I painted the frame and the outer mat the same powdery pink color using simple acrylic craft paint. I squirted the paint straight onto the frame and mat and spread it out with a foam brush, dabbing the frame as needed to get in all the nooks and crannies.

chunky pink frame makeover 04

I just slapped that paint on–you won’t get perfect coverage with the first coat, but by the second coat, it will start looking good.

chunky pink frame makeover 12

I painted the corners of the mat like a wood miter by beginning each foam brush stroke at a corner on an angle. This adds to the illusion of a thicker frame.

chunky pink frame makeover 07

So it was starting to come together.

chunky pink frame makeover 08

I had our favorite family photo printed out “poster size” at Walmart photo online for about $5. I used blue tape to secure the mats and picture in place. I used the original image as a guide for where to secure the new photo.

chunky pink frame makeover 09

Then I taped the back back on and added a sawtooth hanger (the same one I pried off when I began).

chunky pink frame makeover 10

This entire project, excluding dry time, took under an hour.

chunky pink frame makeover 11

Now Sis can wake up to her family laughing with her. I love that.

chunky pink frame makeover 13

And since thrift stores always seem to have a bevy of frames in their stock, this could be a great way to build an interesting gallery wall with frames of varied sizes, like the ones I’ve been pinning lately.

sissy frames on peg rack close up

I could add in these little pretties too!

chunky pink frame makeover before and after

Yay, I love a simple, cheap, and fast makeover!

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