Neighborhood Moms Craft Party {july edition}

A bunch of neighborhood mamas came over again last week for what is becoming a monthly gathering of craftiness. So fun! As with the past couple of months, we decided ahead of time what project(s) we wanted to tackle, then gathered the supplies and headed to my house along with a tasty treat to share and craft away. [The neighborhood craft nights predate me; I just happen to have hosted the last few.]

pinterest party weed arrangement tablescape 07

The past couple of months, I’ve gathered weed bouquets for a fun free tablescape (you can see the last two here & here), but time was not on my side and, alas, I had no weeds to offer! I even forgot to take photos of the food, what am I doing with my life?!

july craft party oversized ruler 02

Thankfully, the crafting all went to plan! This month, we chose to do oversized ruler growth charts (no doubt you’ve seen them all over pinterest) and my chevron initial door “wreath.”

july craft party oversized ruler 07

I absolutely love love LOVED the way that the same project was done so many different ways.

july craft party oversized ruler 15


I think my favorite was the walnut stained one with plastic numbers. The black numbers looked like wrought iron, and the combination was so refined and lovely.

july craft party oversized ruler 01

Of course, I opted for something a little more worn-looking. You know my penchant for sandpaper, after all. Since I didn’t get mine done at the party–too busy talking, perhaps? What, who, me??–I did mine the next day.

july craft party oversized ruler 08

I’d made mine to begin at 8″ high while everyone else started at 6″. [Must I always be different?!] But I love the way this height works aesthetically for me, enough off the ground and away from the floor molding. AND it affords my children the measuring space to grow to a whopping 6’8″. Splendid. Call the NBA.

july craft party oversized ruler 06

We hung it in the kitchen. And y’all, there are a couple of other BIG reveals to come in the kitchen very soon, I hope. Stay tuned for those lovelies!

july craft party oversized ruler 09

It’s a great spot because it’s not in-your-face for everyone who walks in our home, but is on the inside wall of our eat-in kitchen area, on the outside wall of the pantry.

july craft party oversized ruler 30

Now the trick is hanging one of these. The other girls were going to use sawtooth hangers, but I wanted something less likely to shift, especially since my kids would be touching it. A lot. I hung mine just like I did the fence plank scripture art. Oh yes I did. See that screw head in the bottom right section of blue? This time it was a 3″ fence screw right through the board, drywall, and into the stud. I know it sounds crazy, but it does not matter that the screw is off center because it hugs the plank securely to the wall in just the spot I want it. I might add a second screw…But maybe not. I like to walk on the wild side like that.

july craft party oversized ruler 03

Ahem, but I digress, back to the party! For the numbers, we used several different options: stencils, freehand, traced, plastic, and cut vinyl letters all got the job done. I love that variety.

july craft party oversized ruler 05

Ordering precut vinyl from etsy or buying numbers from a hardware store are great options for those concerned about imperfections. The least expensive metal numbers I saw at Lowe’s were just under $1.50 each.

july craft party oversized ruler 10

Everyone painted her board(s) ahead of time for the growth charts.

july craft party oversized ruler 11

And it was a team effort when anyone got stuck. I love that!

july craft party oversized ruler 13

The results were unique and wonderful.

july craft party oversized ruler 14

And we were proud of our work.

july craft party chevron door sign 04

Some chose to do the chevron door sign instead, with equally gratifying results.

july craft party chevron door sign 03

Again, there was a variety of ways to git ‘er done employed for the initial part of the signs: freehanding, tracing, and wood applique.

july craft party chevron door sign 02

Everyone even measured and painted perfectly, HUZZAH! Better than my messing up percentage rate!

july craft party chevron door sign 01

I just love chatting and laughing and eating and crafting together!!

july craft party oversized ruler 04

And it doesn’t take much to pull off a craft party, especially in the age of social media! We plan our gatherings using pinterest and facebook.

Want to start a craft gathering in your neighborhood? How fun would that be?! And what would you make?!! Wheeeee!

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