How To Make Garden Tags {simple, cute, & waterproof}

Li’l Bro and I are very excited to have finally begun our little veggie garden.

veggie garden 03

You can read about how we jumped into that right here.

garden tags 06

But the temporary tags I scribbled out were a smidge lacking in the design and durability departments.

garden tags 02

So I grabbed my laminator and some business card sized heat seal pouches.

[If you don’t have a laminator, there are inexpensive, self-sealing lamination pouches out there too.]

garden tags 01

I printed out all the veggie names in a simple font onto colored paper, then cut them down to business card size-ish. Then I laminated them.

garden tags 03

Then all that was left was to grab some short and long kabob skewers and tape the tags to them.

garden tags 04

Of course, duct tape would have gotten the job done, but decorative masking tape is so much cuter, non?

garden tags 05

A little criss-cross of polka dots makes this mama happy.

garden tags 07

The short skewers went in the short pots, and the long in the taller ones. What an improvement, huzzah!

garden tags 08'

Now we are very official-feeling farmers. *wink*

garden tags 09

The okra’s even sprouting, wheeeeee! And with a new school year fast approaching, I am enjoying indulging my penchant for labeling, ha!

simple & cute DIY waterproof garden tags

print, cut, laminate, tape to sticks, done!


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