Let’s Make A Painted Train Table, Y’all {personalized, of course!}

When our friends, the ones whose football wall I featured last April, commissioned me to paint their boys’ train table, I all but jumped at the chance! I thought it would be so cute and fun to take on the project and include some personalized touches!

custom painted train table 01They had the tracks layout how they liked it, but the cheap cardboard-esque table inlay was just not cutting it. Time for an upgrade!

custom painted train table 02Michelle’s hubs had a piece of plywood cut to size and traced where all the tracks would go.

custom painted train table 03Then I set to work!

custom painted train table 04The only real direction I had was to make it “oudoorsy” and include “Myers Central Station”…

custom painted train table 05…And then James requested a little Tennessee Neyland Stadium touch. We can do that!!

custom painted train table 06Since he played some football too, I included his jersey number (#47), worked in on a speedboat…

custom painted train table 07And their boys needed some love too! A little playground for Cole…

custom painted train table 08…and a farm for Noah.

custom painted train table 09And what boys don’t love a campout?! […with an eno hammock, of course! Haha!]

custom painted train table 10The last thing I added was a house for them… It had a little basketball goal for the boys to shoot on and everything.

…But it just kept nagging at me… So I painted over it and redid it!

custom painted train table 11With their ACTUAL house, of course, duh! Why didn’t I think of that sooner? The final (and my favorite) touch is this house. I hope the boys love seeing their home on the train table! So fun!

custom painted train table 12Anyhoo, here’s the final product before the tracks were screwed down. It all turned out! And I hope my friends just love it!

custom painted train table 13It certainly seems to have been a hit with the younger set, wheeeee! 🙂

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