Little Boy’s Football Wall {my brilliant friends week}

Hey gang! This week I am trying to suppress the urge to blab on and on (and on) about all my crafty adventures in order to shine a spotlight on a few of my absolutely brilliant friends and their crafty, creative, home decor genius!

First up is my friend Michelle. She is a beautiful mama to a little boy, Noah (and announcing baby #2, due to arrive late this year). I’m sure you’ve seen a baseball feature wall before, but Noah’s is the first room I’ve ever seen with a football feature wall.

football feature wall 01

It’s hard to get backed up enough to get a shot of the entire wall, and it looks about a billion times better in person, but here it is!

football feature wall detail texture

The genius part of this wall for me is how the texture is done. They used giant bubble wrap in a lightened shade of brown to make the “bumps” on the football.

football feature wall detail laces

Then it was just a matter of adding the white paint details, and SHAZAAM! One fantastic feature wall.

football room noah art

They also added fun pieces like this large DIY personalized art canvas, done by an art teacher friend…

football room chalkboard

…and this chalkboard (just chalk paint painted straight onto the wall, then framed out with molding) and name (vinyl letters).

football feature wall 01

I love how Noah’s family crafted his room: themed without feeling kitsch. Well done, Michelle! Can’t wait to see what you do for baby #2!

[Special thanks to Michelle who let me & Sis hang out with her & Noah while I snapped these pics! And if you want to see more about how to do this feature wall, you can check out Michelle’s post on the process over at her blog, Myers Cross Training. Wheeeeeee!]

So, has anyone else taken paint to your kids’ walls to create a fun focal point? Do tell!


Here’s more DIY kids’ home decor from around our camp, wheeeee!

LINK a diyer's home nursery tour

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football feature wall


4 responses to “Little Boy’s Football Wall {my brilliant friends week}

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  2. With this football wall, is it the whole wall that is painted, or did they curve it like a football? It looks so dang awesome!


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