How To: Mommy Command Center {for school papers}

We’re a few weeks into school around here, so the influx of papers is approaching epic proportions.

Realizing that I might possibly lose my mind (along with important papers for my boys), I knew I needed a solution. This simple paper management system’s much cheaper than therapy!

I am using a simple solution–an inexpensive clear acrylic open file box (~$10) and a pack of colored, expandable file folders (~$5). Li’l Bro’s papers go in his favorite color, yellow, and Big Bro’s papers go in his favorite color, red.

Each boy has two folders. The first holds “action” papers–papers that need to be signed, permission forms, upcoming event info, etc.

The second holds papers that I might want to reference later but do not need to address. For example, Li’l Bro’s “reference” folder has the list of weekly subjects. So [when I catch my breath] I can reference it for more intelligent “what are you learning at school?” discussions. Especially at the beginning of a new school year, I usually hold on to a lot of sheets that come home just in case I need to look back at them (but you must be vigilant in going back through and weeding out what you no longer need; otherwise, it just becomes useless clutter).

I keep volunteer work related to Li’l Bro’s school in green folders and to Big Bro’s in blue. I benefit from a little color-coding myself! [I don’t usually have this much paperwork for volunteer stuff, but it’s spirit wear time at both the boys’ schools, and I’m the coordinator, so I have all the order forms. I also have some card stock math game sheets waiting to be cut for Big Bro’s class–the expandable folder helps me keep them all corralled when I’m not working on them.]

The acrylic box tucks quite nicely there behind my laptop, which lives on the end of our  kitchen counter. It is out of the way but very easily accessible.

And that is how I keep my sanity when it comes to kids’ schools paperwork, my own little mommy command center.

So, anyone else out there swimming deep in school papers? How do you avoid drowning?


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2 responses to “How To: Mommy Command Center {for school papers}

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