{when God says} Please See Attendant

Just minutes before, I had been cheerfully belting out “Singing in the Rain” as Sissy and I made a dash from the grocery store to our car through the torrential downpour. Almost home, I saw the gas light on, so I pulled into a gas station and ran my card at the pump to fill ‘er up. But then a “Please See Attendant” message came on the screen. Grrr. I tried the card again. Same message.

My showtune attitude washed away, I annoyedly pulled up to the next pump. Same message.

But just as I felt like storming through the storm and into the gas station, the question occurred to me: “Is God at work in this?

Of course, the fact of the matter is that He is always at work. It’s just a matter of whether or not I see it and choose to join Him there. My frustration melted into purpose and joy and peace. [That happens when you recognize God at work and join Him.]

I went in and the attendant said my card had been declined at the pump, but she could try it there. So I told her that I’d never had that happen before and I added, “This might sound crazy, but it made me wonder if God wanted me to come in and talk to you. Is there any way I can pray for you today?”

She teared up and choked a little “Yes! I’m having a really rough day…”

“Well I think God sent me to encourage you! Do you know the Lord?” She said yes, and I took her hand and prayed encouragement and peace and God’s love on and for her right there on the spot, standing across the counter from her.

The point is not that I’m some super-spiritual person. But there are so many opportunities all around us, every day, to reach out to someone in Jesus’ Name.

I just wanted to get gas in my tank and get home, but God wanted to use me to fill another’s tank.

Won’t you join me in praying for eyes to see and a heart to act today?


13 responses to “{when God says} Please See Attendant

  1. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for being a soul sister – Jesus Girl!! I love your site and appreciate your Godly wisdom. May you be blessed today as much as you have blessed me :0) – Stevanie


  2. Thank you for the reminder! We never know who we will help or encourage. Sometimes we might be the only Bible some people ever read!


  3. Feel like somehow God opened this door for me to read your blogs!! I stumbled across you, I think, via pinterest! You are an inspiration to many! Thank you!!!


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