How To Make Homemade Butter {in a few minutes using one ingredient!}

Who knew it was so simple and fast?! Big Bro went on a field trip last week to a farm, and one of the activities the kids did was to make butter. So he asked me if we could make some at home. I was shocked and gratified at how easy it was! And all we needed was ONE INGREDIENT (salt optional).

So here’s what you need:

Just one little carton of this stuff: heavy whipping cream. [And 1/4 teaspoon of salt, optional.] I’m guessing “heavy cream” would be the same thing.

Pour the carton of cream (and 1/4 tsp salt) into your kitchen aid (or a bowl if you use a hand mixer), and blend on high for several minutes.

The liquid will separate. It will look a little like cottage cheese, but pour off the watery liquid and you have butter.

It is LITERALLY that easy. And you will feel so little house on the prairie good after you pull this one off!

Then, just put it in a container and press down (with the back of a spoon) to squeeze out and drain off the rest of the liquid. I took a portion of the freshly made butter and mixed it with the same amount of honey. Voila: Honey butter! Oh, or how about add some herbs… or garlic! Gracious!

I’m thinking if you put some of your homemade butter (or honey butter) in a jar with a cute little handmade label and added it to some fresh baked rolls or biscuits, you could have a marvelous hostess or teacher or get well gift on your hands, non?

So, what will you add to your fresh butter?! Wheeeeee!


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