Goodwill Conch Shell {plus a little spraypaint}

When I saw this BIG conch shell in Goodwill for just a few clams (*drum fill*), I knew it was time to whip out my silver spray paint and work some magic.

01 painted shell before

Here’s how I found the shell.

02 painted shell clam bowl

I felt pretty sure it would be happy in our home since–despite living in the mountains–we have several nods to the sea, like this clam bowl…

03 painted shell other shells

…and our ever-increasing collection of found shells.

04 painted shell during

I was actually working on another paint project too, so the drop cloth was already out and ready to go! I grabbed a can of Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver spray paint from the garage and set to work. [I propped the shell up with a few mini paper cups when and where needed.] I decided to leave the inside that lovely peachy pink natural color. Lovely!

05 painted shell sparkly

Ooooo, sparkly!

06 painted shell  in cabinet'

So now this guy fits right in. All he needed was a coat of silver spray paint!

Now the question is will he lay down…

06 painted shell  in cabinet

…Or stand up…

07 painted shell  in cabinet with friends

…Or hang with other shell friends? Who knows.

One thing’s for sure, though: now I am having to stay my trigger finger from painting something else, wheeeeeee!

So what are you spray painting this weekend? WHAT? you’re NOT? Well, you should, SERIOUSLY. It’s easy, a few bucks, a few minutes, and almost-instant gratification!


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2 responses to “Goodwill Conch Shell {plus a little spraypaint}

  1. I’m painting 3 different pieces from three different rooms of my cottage. I’m repurposing an old stereo cabinet into a console for all of our tv components. Painting a headboard. Lastly is an old floor lamp that needed some loving. I too had to hold my trigger finger down as I wanted to grab more items and paint until my heart desired.



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