The First 100 Days Of School {were just grand}

It was our 100th day of school on Friday, and about mid way through the morning, I had a mini-epiphany: 100 Grand candy bars would make an excellent 100th Day treat!

100th day 01

I was in a crunch for time to get these done and assembled and distributed before school was out, so they are pretty simple. But I love any little way I can to let out teachers and staff at our amazing elementary school know I’m thinking of them.

100th day 02

So once I had the six 6-packs of 100 Grand minis in hand, I typed up and printed a little greeting to go with them (on white cardstock). They simply read, “Thanks for making the first 100 days of school grand!” [Hard to believe, but it HAS been 100 grand days already!] I split the word document into two columns and printed two over two, then cut them apart.

Again, a fancier design or border or something might have come into play, but that all went out the window with this spur-of-the-moment little happy.

100th day 03

I used a strip of two-sided tape on each note to secure a candy bar.

100th day 05

Here’s Sis grabbing my camera for an unauthorized action shot of me assembling them. Pretty steady camera work, Sis!!

100th day 04

…hmm, or not.

100th day 06

I piled them all carefully into a bag, and Sis & I were set to go with 31 little happies to distribute!

100th day 07

Oh, I see what you did there with the math. Why 31, not 36, you ask? Well… I had to taste taste two, of course. Quality control and all that. And I saved one each for the kids… But I later decided that Li’l Bro’s food allergies might prove problematic… so I gave him a lollipop and ate his too... WINNING!

In any event, I figured SURELY I was not the first person to think this up, so I checked pinterest and did find some 100 Grand teacher ideas, but the ones I saw were centered around money, like “you are worth more than 100 grand”… So I’m hoping grand as an adjective rather than a noun made sense to them. [You see these are the details that nerdy gift-givers like myself trifle with!]

Either way, they seemed well-received, and it’s a good thing we got through those hundred days, because I’m not sure when we might have another, in the middle of snowmaggedon 2014 here in the mountains, wheeeee!

Maybe you have people in your life who you’d like to encourage? sometimes it just takes a little gesture to let them know you’re thinking of them and you care!


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