Just A Swangin’ {new swingset …sort of}

So we are spring cleaning and sprucing around here. And with the warmer weather, we are happy that some projects (i.e. painting, more to come on THOSE!) have taken us out back.

swingset freshen up 01

With everything starting to look like it has a little spit and polish, the poor swingset was feeling neglected.

swingset freshen up 02

Kind of sad.

swingset freshen up 03

Well, frankly, decrepit.

swingset freshen up 05

Hubs looked at ordering two new swings and a monkey bar to the tune of about $80, but I like the idea of spending 1/10 that price. Spray paint. Hello, old friend.

swingset freshen up 04

First, I took off most of the peeling paint with a stiff wire brush, then I laid out the chains for paint.

swingset freshen up 06

I gave the chains and swing seats each two coats of spray paint.

swingset freshen up 07

Look at the difference between the before (left) and after (right) rings! Yippee!

swingset freshen up 08

So now the swing chains and seats and rings are all fresh and new (and sealed against rust to boot!).

swingset freshen up 09

SHAZAAM. New swingset. Two cans of spray paint. Eight bucks. Thankyouverymuch.

Anyone else out there have some money-saving tips for refreshing your house this spring? Do tell!


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