Go Back To School LIKE A BOSS {part 1}

Oh man, y’all, we are less than one week out from school starting up for my three kiddos, and many friends’ kids are already back in school or starting this week. And whether you RELISH sending your kids back to school or if it actually fills you with a bit of melancholy (raises hand), IT IS HERE. And the relaxing pace of summer is quickly melting.

I want to share some ideas on how to start this school year off right!

I saw (last fall, actually) a great idea for making packed lunches easier in the mornings. Now, if you are a designer bento box make-a-sandwich-look-like-an-animal type of mama, this might not be of much use to you (and you know your beautiful creations get all jumbled before they are opened at the lunch table, right?!

school like a boss 1 rachelle moore pack lunches

This is a simple and effective system that saves your sanity while helping encourage your kids’ good choices. It’s so simple, it’s genius. Group different sorts of food into plastic shoe boxes (you can get these for $1 each at a dollar store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.), and mark how many servings from each box your child(ren) may take. It requires some prep, but the morning pay-off will be well worth the front end effort! [I snagged this photo off facebook, credited to a woman with the facebook account “Rachelle Moore,” but I’m afraid I didn’t find any more information than that.]

LINK may the love be with you

And if you want to include a little note, why not write or doodle something fun right on a baggie? I’m convinced I got my now-fifth-grader to love carrots in his lunch simple by writing “What’s Up, Doc?” on the baggie.

school like a boss 1 easy open containers

Also, for you mamas of preschoolers and kindergarteners especially, look for containers that can be easily opened by your child. [These easy snap off lids were perfect for both my kindergarteners.] Though your school might have teachers or older students in the lunch room to help, the load can be a little overwhelming if 10-20 kids are all asking to open 1-2 containers each, all at the same time.

school like a boss 1 apple sauce pouch tops

My seven-year-old has no problem opening a regular twist-off apple sauce pouch lid, but my almost-four-year-old has a much easier time with this propeller shaped kind.Remember to include a napkin because, although your school will surely have them handy, your child will surely skip picking up one! Isn’t that what shirts are for?
I also like to include some sort of paper bag if there is not a sandwich size ziploc in the lunch for my conscientious oldest child–he likes to have an easy place to put all his trash to carry it to the trash can. Makes sense, and it’s much easier to carry a little bag of trash and a lunchbox rather than a lunchbox and several bits of debris.

best school year lunch contents

And… because apparently I really love to eat, I’ve written another post chatting all about what to put in school lunches! Check it out here.I’ll be back on Wednesday with more tips and tricks on how to rock this school year LIKE A BOSS, BABY. Join me, won’t you?!whole life sorted spiral

And, just seriously, if you do absolutely nothing else to prepare your heart and mind for school before then, please do hop over and read this: Get Your Whole Life Sorted {before school starts}, Part 1.So, are YOU ready for another school year? What is the biggest task that comes with kids in school, from your point of view? Do tell!


7 responses to “Go Back To School LIKE A BOSS {part 1}

  1. Hey, Gina!
    I am thinking through some long-range blog planning…and since I LOVE THIS POST I was wondering if you would consider guest-posting this article on my blog in August? I love it and I love how easy it makes our lives as mommas! Let me know what you think? If you’re game, just send me the html and a little pic and bio about ya! Would love to have you guest post 🙂 xoxo


  2. I was wondering what labels are you using to divide your bins and do you have a list of items that will go into each? Like Grain, Dairy…then items that fall under Grain…popcorn, veggie straws…etc. Please share if so.


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