Instant Cheater-Latte Morning Coffee Recipe

Y’all, I keep waiting for the “back to school rush” to subside… But it’s October, y’all. And we’ve been at it since late August. Am I naive to think the pace might let up after our school’s big event of the year coming up next week?

Ahem, but I digress.

So how am I keeping up? Little sleep, God’s word, and strong coffee, y’all.

On the “strong coffee” note, I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite go-to coffee recipes. I have talked about how to make iced frothy coffee and extolled the virtues of adding ice cream to your coffee. But I have been utterly remiss, I must confess, in sharing my absolute favorite homemade coffee drink.

It takes under three minutes to make and is easy, rich, creamy, and delicious.

Are you sitting down?

Okay, here it is:

DIY instant latte coffee recipe 169

Heat up one mug of milk (we drink skim, but whatever). I microwave mine for two minutes

DIY instant latte coffee recipe 179

Add one teaspoon of instant coffee and three teaspoons of sugar (or less sugar depending on your sweet tooth). Stir.

DIY instant latte coffee recipe 183

Aaaaaaand–BOOM–we’re done.

Making instant coffee with milk is one of my all-time favorite cheater-latte recipes. I have been having my morning coffee this way for as long as I can remember. Is this a British thing? I don’t know. We always called it “milky coffee” growing up. Anyone else ever heard of it?


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3 responses to “Instant Cheater-Latte Morning Coffee Recipe

  1. Gina, yes, I have heard of the “British coffee”. We experienced it on our first trip to England in 1969 ( a bit before your time). As a black coffee drinker I quickly learned to say “coffee black” almost as one work. I later learned to ask for a pot of hot water as well to make the coffee to my taste. (Guess I won’t be trying your recipe.) I do love an occasional flavored coffee using one of the coffee bar liquid flavors. My favorite is chocolate raspberry.


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