{being okay with} My Secret To Getting It All Done

Can I share with you a question that friends and acquaintances ask me all the time?

They ask, “How do you do so much? Where do you find the time? How do you get it all done??”

Time with God and wife-ing and mothering and crafting and painting and DIYing and sewing and baking and serving and… Not to mention that fact that I usually look like I have bathed and even run a brush over my hair and teeth….

I joke that I’ve given up sleep.

But let me tell you my real secret: In every “done” is tied up what’s left undone. {And I’m okay with that.}

For instance…

This fence plank art has been leaning against this wall here for months, at least six. To protect the floor from scratches, it is stylishly propped on one of my husband’s old torn undershirts, a rag I usually use for cleaning and sopping up messes. Classy.

And speaking of art leaning against the wall…

These three old friends have been leaning against this other wall here for an age themselves, one canvas awaiting paint for almost a year now, one painting that has no home waiting for a remodel, and one old framed print we just need to get rid of.

But that’s not all that’s finding itself up against a wall these days…

I’ve been daydreaming of building a banquette into the eat-in kitchen area here, so I’ve lined up the chairs into an “L” along the two walls and pushed the table into their crook to visualize how it might look and if a round table would work. [But oh my, look at the gulf it creates in the space… Hmm…]

And while it seems that everything that shouldn’t be against a wall is

This curtain rod (which, by the way, has been kept in our front foyer closet for years for “maybe one day”) which should be attached to the wall isn’t. It has found itself on the floor in the front room for about a month while I contemplate and search for mind-numbingly inexpensive drapes that I love (to be sewn from a modified tablecloth? sale fabric? something else?? we’ll see…).

And please don’t get me started on all the other “works in progress” around here.

…Not to mention the laundry that seems to breed like rabbits every time I turn around, the dishes stacked in the sink, the beds left unmade, and a million other unmet tasks…

Maybe a better question for friends to ask would be “Do you ever get anything done??” [Umm… No, not really.]

But I have learned that in every “done” is tied up what’s left undone. So each day I make choices, not for what I have time, but for what I make time.

…And today I choose time for letting God pour into me through reading His word; pouring into my husband by words of encouragement and acts of support; pouring into our children by spending time with them, looking long & lovingly into their eyes, and affirming their value and purpose; and pouring into others by praying for eyes to see and a heart to act.

So, for what will you make time today {and what will you leave just gloriously undone}?


2 responses to “{being okay with} My Secret To Getting It All Done

  1. I have to confess I almost cry with this post. Being a working mom, housewife, cook, plus getting my master’s degree isn’t easy. And that’s right, it’s not like I can get all things done but “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its.” Mathew 6:34

    Thank you very much for sharing.
    (Also, sorry for my english. I’m mexican and don’t have the opportunity to practice my english often enough)


    • Friend, thank you for sharing your heart. And I think your English is brilliant–I certainly could not do as well if the roles were reversed! I love verse 26 from that same chapter in Matthew you quoted: “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Yes, you are much more valuable than they! God bless you!
      g i n a


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