Outfit Yer Li’l Buckaneer: Simple DIY Pirate Pants

Okay, let’s finish out our little swashbuckling costume with a perfect pair of piratey pants.

11 pirate costume

All you have to do to make these piratey pants is follow the ruffle pants tutorial… but skip the ruffle and shred the bottoms.

01 pirate pants

Rather than using Sissy’s pants as a pattern for ruffle pants, I used Li’l Bro’s shorts as a pattern for pirate pants.

02 pirate pants

After you’ve made the pants, snip all cattywompus all around the pant leg openings to make them nice and shredded, just like a real pirate. 🙂

phone 368

Add these pants to the pirate vest from yesterday, and you are set! Of course a little washable marker beard, bandana, and eye patch can flesh out the look, too, wheeeeeee! [Umm… don’t ask me about the basketball shoes with the ensemble. That was not my call.]

So, there are only a few months left until Talk Like A Pirate Day (that’s on September 19th, for those of you who don’t yet have it on the calendar). Anyone else going to whip up a little piratey goodness?


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easy DIY pirate costume for play or halloween or theme days


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