Greek Letter Fraternity/Sorority Sweatshirt {for kids}

As long as we’re appliquéing a little sporty spiritwear for Sis, I thought I’d share a Li’l Bro school spirit piece I customized.

01 APPK frat sweatshirt

This sweatshirt reminds me of the sorority Greek letter sweatshirts girlfriends would get appliquéd in college. So this sweatshirt will even be handed down to Sissy… Of course, I’ll be adding a big yellow or navy bow to her ensemble… 🙂

All I did was cut out the school letters from fabric (I ironed on Heat’n’Bond to the back of the yellow letter fabric and drew my letters out before cutting them), then iron them onto the sweatshirt with Heat’n’Bond, and finish them with a zig-zag stitch around the letter borders (with matching thread).

02 APPK frat sweatshirt

Even though my sewing machine was acting up that day and skipped a few zags to the zigs, it still turned out just dandy.

03 APPK frat sweatshirt

And…. Done!

[P.S. I know the “P’s” are not Greek letters, but these are the initials of Li’l Bro’s preschool.]

This would be a fun design for your child’s personal initials or his school’s initials, wheeeeeeeee!


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